Service options

Hosted bar

Beverages are complimentary to guests, paid for by the client on a per person basis.

no host bar

Beverages are paid for by cash or credit card, on a per drink basis. Also known as a “Cash Bar”. We can accommodate both cash and credit card transactions.

limited host bar

Host provides a set number of complimentary drinks, and then guests pay on a per drink basis. 

Spirit selections

top shelf

  • Grey Goose or Ketel One vodka

  • Bombay Sapphire gin

  • Patron Silver tequila

  • Appleton Jamaican rum

  • Maker’s Mark bourbon

  • Johnny Walker Black Label scotch

mid level

  • Absolut or Tito’s vodka

  • Beefeater gin

  • El Jimador Silver tequila

  • Bacardi Silver rum

  • Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Mash

  • Johnny Walker Red Label scotch


Well selections that are currently in stock

*Brands can be modified. Additional charges may apply.


premium rental bars

A variety of bars to set the tone. Classic. Rustic. Back lit with logo. Discounted rates if using our full services.

Craft cocktails

Fresh herbs, juices, elixirs, and tonics. Everything is better fresh!

Organic and gluten-free bar menu options

Customized menus to accomodate all preferences.